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Derek Conway - Coach Derek Conway

Where are you from: Granite Bay, CA
How long have you been riding: 7 years
Set up: Marius 140 / Fuse Bindings
Stance: Normal
Favorite trick: Toe Off 7 or Pete Rose
What do you do when you're off the water: Think
Favorite Rider: Harris or Harf

On Coaching: I have worked with some of the top trainers in the world, (Shapiro, Murray, Fletcher, Schwenne & Schmidt) and have been to bunch of different camps. Because of this, I have been able to learn a lot about teaching methods. I feel that I have an eye for detail, an ability to communicate and I am very patient.

Career Highlights:
2004 1st place - WWA National Champion
2004 3rd place - Kelowna, BC PWT Stop - Jr. X
2004 5th place - Orlando, Fl. PWT Stop - Jr. X
2004 5th place - WWA Overall - Jr. Men's

Shelby (Cobra) Kantar - Coach Shelby Kantar

Where are you from: Born and raised in Sacramento
How long have you been riding: about 4 years
Stance: One in on each foot and slightly ducked
Favorite trick: that I can do...Slob 360
What do you do when you're off the water: I go to American River College and am studying kinesiology. I also snowboard and hang out with my groupies Carolyn (Lanolin) and Ashley.
Favorite rider: Danny Harf and Shaun Murray

On Coaching: I have taught for the Girls Learn To Ride tour and have also helped Josh Smith coach out in the delta.

Career highlights: Making the Womans Pro Tour in 2006, beating my ex boyfriend at the Wet Thursday's comp, competing in Dark Friday's, riding in the West Side Spring ride, The rail exhibition at the SF Cow Palace Boat show, and going to Florida to ride at the projects. Being in DS2 and will also be in "The Chick Flick" by DPC films.

Kevin Bird - Coach Kevin Bird

Whereare are you from: Stockton, CA
How long have you been riding: 6 years
Set up: 2006 Platinum Transcend / Zues Bindings
Stance: All the way out.
Favorite Trick: Switch Heelside Seatbelt 360
What do you do when you are off the water: Off the water?
What do you want to be if you grow up: I'm a Toy's 'R' Us kid.

On Coaching: First off, I evaluate the student and give him or her something to work on based on their riding ability. Then I try to give them sound technical advice that will allow the student to advance and learn the right style and technique.

Career Highlights:
2005 1st place Outlaw INT Nationals
2004 2nd place Outlaw INT Nationals
2004 1st place Dark Friday
2001 2nd place overall Hyperlite series Bell Acqua


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